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Our obsession: The Perfect Match. Up International Education finds the perfect teaching assistant for each school and the ideal school for each teaching assistant.

The Program

It has a wealth of experience.

We look after the assistants; we look after the school and the teachers.
We never lose sight of our final objective:  offer students the possibility of learning a language the best way possible, through unique experiences.

The two fundamental keys

Background Information.  .
We work together with the school to define their needs and determine the specific conditions of each of the posts.

Selection process. 

We choose the right conversation assistant for each school and the right school for each teaching assistant.


Interview with a native speaker

Up International Education’s native speakers have experience in education and assess each candidate in order to know their pedagogical and linguistic skills.


Face Test to assess personal skills

The on-line test of the company Grupo Actual measures 20 personal and professional skills of each candidate, such as initiative, tolerance to pressure, flexibility or teamwork.


Interview of profile suitability

With all the background information, Up staff interview the candidate again in order to determine which would be the most suitable school based on their profile.


And it’s a Match!

Finally, the selection process is validated by the school and their board after interviewing the chosen teaching assistant by video conference.

Follow-up process with your Up support representative.

The Up Program will always be on hand for the teaching assistant.

Up International Education has a network of staff who work exclusively to give support to assistant teachers, and to help with documentation, red tape and personal situations, offering as much help as is needed by the assistant at any given time during the follow-up process

Each Up teaching assistant has their own support representative who they can contact at any time, ready to help them personally.

Up Community.

The Up Program is more than just any program for conversation assistants. It means being part of a great little family in which all of us learn to be better day by day.

Up promotes a community in which teaching assistants, teachers and tutors of all the schools we work with can participate.
The aim of our community is to generate a space for the creation of knowledge with linguistic immersion and good practices in education at different levels, expressed through techniques, methodology, programs or finished projects. 
We are a great little family and we help each other.

Follow-up process with your Up support representative..

Up International Education is on hand for all the schools to help them detect and solve any problem which could occur in the process of adaptation, adjustment and integration of the teaching assistant.

Each school will have their own Up Coordinator in order to help them solve any incident that could occur.

System for solving conflicts and substitution of assistants is 5.79 days*

In spite of a high level of reliability of the selection process for conversation assistants, it could happen that a Perfect Match ends in separation.

We work with people which always involves some degree of uncertainty. And even more so when this involves international profiles where the smallest family problem can become difficult to solve.

Faced with this situation, or any other, Up International Education has a procedure already in place to be able to substitute the teaching assistant in question through our selection process.

What guarantees does the Up Program give?
Avoid interruption of the teaching of students with the incorporation of a substitute teaching assistant within a maximum of 15 natural days. Even though, this past year, it has been much quicker!

*Average time taken to substitute a teaching assistant in the academic year 2018/2019 was 15 natural days.

Up Training

All of our assistants receive an exclusive training course of Up International Education.

STEP Postgraduate Course

Module 1.
The teaching assistant: functions and role in the school and in the classroom.
Encouraging a bilingual atmosphere in the school.

Module 2.
The teaching assistant: functions and role in the school and in the classroom. Encouraging a bilingual atmosphere in the school.

Módulo 3.
Disciplinary techniques for control and orientation.

Módulo 4.
The Common European Framework of References for Language: European language levels. Official exams.

Módulo 5.
Option 1: TKT Course by Cambridge University.
Option 2: Spanish Course by Instituto Cervantes.

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