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What if a student is in direct contact with a native speaker during their school years?

Introducing teachers who are native speakers into the classroom allows real immersion for the student together with the experience of the school’s teaching staff.

Up International Education wants to collaborate with schools that are looking not only for different ways to educate, but also how to incorporate languages and the implication of teaching staff in improving education.

The Up Program.

Up International Education coordinates the integration of conversation assistants in schools in a way that is both hands-on and individual.

We make sure that both the school and the teaching assistant can find the right method which allows their students to learn the language more easily.

What are the advantages of the Up Program for your School?

The Up Program adapts to the needs and capacity of each school.

Personalised selection process
We choose the teaching assistant that the school needs, based on a personalised profile.

Friendly follow-up
Up has an area representative to attend to the needs of the native speaker as well as the school, trying to maintain a close relationship with both.

Economic feasibility
The program offers ways to reduce the economic impact on the school.

Flexibility and adaptability
For Teaching Assistants, we propose stays of between 5 and 10 months, with a standard 20 teaching hours a week.

Most schools that work with conversation assistants will have come across a problem at some stage, perhaps someone leaving, since working with people always involves some degree of uncertaintly. 

At Up, we take responsibility for these problems at all times. We are always on hand for your School.  

After so many years of experience, we’ve become experts at dealing with problems and, if no solution can be found, we will provide you with another teaching assistant in 5.79 teaching days (this was the average time taken in the academic year 2018/2019).


The selection process of the 
Up Program.

We have designed a selection process which offers maximum guarantees to ensure that schools can reliably know the person who is going to teach in their classrooms.

This process, based on three separate filters, involves examiners with a wide range of experience in education as well as professionals in Human Resources.


Interview with Up Staff

This aims to get to know the candidate, assessing their compatibility with the requirements of the post and the program.


Interview with a native speaker

We take into account aspects such as accent, communicative skills, cultural level, motivation as well as other skills relevant to education.


The Face Assessment Tool

This assessment tool is designed by Grupo Actual, a company which specialises in human resources and offers the Up Program one of the most innovative, predictive tools in the market.


The School decides

Having presented the candidate, the school is then in the best position to decide who is the ideal person for the job.

every day.

Working with conversation assistants is not always easy and so, at Up International, we have created training proposals for schools which help to get the most out of the conversation assistant program.

We offer classroom based or on-line training on:

  • Creation of a Plan for Assistants at School
  • Coordination of Assistants for tutors
  • Workshops in the classroom with assistant teachers

We design the specific training courses that your School requires, based on a method of Learning by Doing, in collaboration with the Centro de Estudios Profesionales Escalena.

The Up Program goes further

Let the Up Program turn your School into a reference for others.

An opportunity to open your School to the world
At Up, each school is different and we adapt to their needs.

If we combine our personalised selection process with the talent that has accumulated in schools through their teaching staff, we can create a unique project for the school.

These are just three examples of the personalised Up Program that have been introduced in schools of Up International Education.

The passion for football applied to language learning.

Theatre is a great tool to improve pronunciation, body language and confidence.

Arts, Music, Dance & Cambridge Prep
Preparation of exams for Cambridge Young Learners while you enjoy yourself.

Why not make your school assistant teacher programa a unique opportunity to open your school to the world? Let’s work together on it.

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Follow-up of the
conversation assistants.

One of the greatest qualities of the Up Program is the support and help we offer our teaching assistants.

Starting out in the world of education is already quite an effort for teaching assistants, so we try to minimise any additional difficulties which occur with moving to a new country as well as any language problems.

In order to do this, we rely on our own network of reps and offices which are located all over the country.

Currently, we have 9 Up offices in Spain, enabling us to be always on hand to solve any problems which could occur.

Teachers need to always have a friendly, reliable person who can help them with any difficulties they might have in their day to day life.

As we do with our conversation assistants, Up International Education also looks out for the wellbeing of both student and the school.

We never turn our backs on anyone, and we always do our best, when problems occur, to solve the situation. Always.