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Paperwork, visas, bank accounts, finding an apartment, how to get to school…These are just some of the questions a teaching assistant could have when they arrive in Spain.

Your UP Representative will work hand in hand with you to solve all of the doubts you might have when you arrive at first or during your stay.

Up International Education offers our conversation assistants:

  • A chance to work in the world of education and to be part of a real school.
  • A grant which allows you to live in the area assigned.
  • A personalised follow-up service to help you from the moment you arrive in Spain and whenever you need us.
  • Exclusive training course free of charge for TAs from the University of Cambridge or the Instituto Cervantes.
  • Being able to change the future of hundreds of children by helping them to open a window to the world.
Would you like to be a teaching assistant in Spain?

This is what the UP Program does for you

Background Info.. Tell us about you.
We want to know what you expect from UP and from the school, what your aims are as a TA and what made you want to come to Spain. This first step will help us to know exactly how we can help to find the school and the classes that are best suited to you.

Selection process. The Perfect Match.
At Up, we work hard at finding the best school for you and finding the best person for each school. So, you’ll have to go through the three stages of our selection process:

  • Stage 1: Interview with a native English speaker
  • Stage 2: Profile matching interview
  • Stagee 3: FACE skills test

Follow-up process. You are not alone.
You’ll always have someone you can contact. When faced with a problem, we are your family in Spain. You can depend on us.

There are 10 professionals in the Up team, located all over Spain so as to be near you, helping out whenever they can.

Contact us

Your support representative for Up Teaching Assistants
We care about you, 24/7

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    Before your arrival:

    You’ll meet the Up team during your first informative meeting on Skype and they’ll be there to clear up any doubts you might have, help out with visas and paperwork before leaving home and preparing for your arrival in Spain. 

    Your Up Rep will be there to welcome when you arrive in Spain.

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    On your arrival:

    Your Up rep will coordinate your arrival to make sure that everything starts on the right foot. They will help you to get your NIE, Social Security number, a SIM card and a mobile phone.
    You will also get help with opening a bank account, looking for an apartment as well as with other paperwork such as residence cards, a re-entry permit (if needed), registering on the census and getting your health card.

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    During your stay:

    Your Up Rep will be there to help you if you need to go to the doctor, if your wallet is stolen or if you need help with any other situation that could occur. 

    We can’t always be right by your side, but we’ll be there if any serious situation occurs.

Up Community
We Are Family!

We want you to feel part of a group through the Up Program

The aim of the Up Community is to offer a space for knowledge creation with regard to language and good practices in education at different levels, including teaching techniques, methodology, programs and finished projects.

We are a great little family of which you have just become a member.

Up Training
Don’t stop learning

If you decide to become an Up Teaching Assistant, you will receive specialised training throughout the school year.

The exclusive Up International Education training program is called the STEP Postgraduate Course and its objectives are:

  • Facilitate the incorporation of the conversation assistant into the Spanish education system.
  • Train the teaching assistant in key aspects for their work at the school: classroom dynamics, assessing English level, etc.
  • Provide tools and resources to be able to offer an education that is innovative, student-based and able to respond to current challenges in the world of education.

Discover more about the Up Program

Which Up profile best describes you?

The Rookie.
“I just graduated”

My name is Jackie, I’m 23 years old and I’m from Tampa, Florida.

I have a degree in Political Science and International Relations and, after graduating, I decided to do a TEFL course of 120 hours with the intention of going abroad for a year to travel and teach English. 

Searching on I came across an advert for Up International Education to be in Spain for a year, aalthough I don’t speak a word of Spanish. I don’t have a lot of experience, but I’m interested in education and I feel confident I could be a good teaching assistant and could help a teacher to give English classes. Besides, I really want to find out all about a new culture and a new language, while being able to travel around Europe.

I’ve chosen the Up Program because it allows me to feel safer about travelling to Spain than I would have done if I had done it on my own. The Up International Education team have helped me with all the paperwork and red tape right from my arrival in Spain.

I have never even felt lost or lonely because my Up support rep is always there when I need him and the Up Training course has helped me to feel more confident on starting to work as a conversation assistant.

The Advanced.
“I love Spain”

My name’s Amanda, I’m 26 years old, I’m from New York and I’ve lived in Spain for two years.

I’m really happy in the school where I’m working as a teaching assistant but, the program I’m working for doesn’t allow us to continue next year since I’ve been here the maximum time permitted.

Searching on-line, I came across the Up Program which allows me to stay in Spain. They’ve also informed me that they help with all the paperwork, especially the process to renew the visa. Although I know how it works, I would prefer Up to take charge of the documentation just to make sure that I can keep working without any problems..

The truth is that finding out about Up International Education has been awesome, allowing my life in Spain to continue.

The Expert.
“Another year?
Why not!”

Hi, my name’s Connor, I’m 27 years old and I’m from Manchester.

This is my second year at Up International Education and I’m really happy that I chose the Up Program. My first year in Spain flew by and I didn’t think twice about staying for another year, working at the same school and continuing to improve my Spanish.

The Up Program has allowed me to discover the real Spain, far from Madrid or Barcelona. That’s how I’ve managed to quickly learn to speak Spanish and to make Spanish friends. I’ve also been able to travel all over Europe during my first year although now I’m more interested in discovering other regions in Spain.

I’m happy at the school where I’m working. The teachers are really friendly, and the students are great. I love seeing just how much they’ve improved in the time I’ve been with them. It makes me feel useful and capable of working in teaching.

Even though I don’t have many day-to-day problems anymore, the Up team always look out for me and I like to meet up with them to catch up. In the end, I consider them to be my family in Spain.