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Since 2010

Up International Education
Find the ideal teaching assistant for each school and the perfect school for each teaching assistant.



Why Up?
Because we care
about you.

At Up International Education, one of our main values is honesty. We want to help you by explaining, as well as we can, everything about this experience you’re going to have. 

Be part of the change that’s going to help make a better world. Work in Education with the Up Program.

Are you up for it?

The Up Program

The key is in the tiny details. We strive to find the right person for the right position.

The support Representative for Up teaching assistants

They will help you with any paperwork, red tape and even with personal problems, right from your arrival in Spain or even before you get here.

The Up Community

Being part of the Up Program is being a member of a great little family that is always there to help you.

Up Training

If you decide to become an Up assistant, you’ll be eligible to do the exclusive STEP Postgraduate Course during your stay.


We may not be the biggest program in the world, nor would we want to be. We’d rather look after our own, it’s easier this way…
There are 12 of us in the UP team, ready to help and be there for you.

150 teaching assistants in Spain every year

Over 1.000 candidates in our selection process

We work with 100 schools in Spain

27,58% of our teaching assistants have stayed on with us in 2018-2019


What advantages does the UP Program para tu centro educativo?

After many years of experience, we’re more than aware of the difficulties that go hand in hand with working with conversation assistants. Let’s work together to create a unique and effective teaching assistant program for your School.

Do you want to find out more?

Personalised Selection Process

We choose the teaching assistant that your School needs, based on a personalised profile.

Friendly follow-up

Up offers an area representative to assist the teaching assistant as well as the school.

Economic Feasibility

The program offers different ways to reduce the economic impact on the school.

Personalised Up Program

Each school is different and the Up Teaching Assistant Program adapts to the needs of each one.


Our great obsession: The Perfect Match

Up International Education has been matching up teaching assistants with schools since 2010 through an exclusive program designed by people for people  with only one aim: offer a unique experience to all who take part in the program.

Discover the UP Program

UP .

We are

At Up, we are totally convinced that what’s important is finding the right person to provide high-quality service.
We offer the service that we would have liked to have received at our school.

Get to know our
great little family